Starting Your Ideal Leadership Role


What is your personal brand: Identifying your brand, decision-making principles, non-negotiables, and avoid derailing your career
Pre-Paving a Successful First Day: Creating a Vision For Your First Year, Keeping Your Focus Tight, Make Your Vision Come Alive, Start Building Relationships
The First Day and Beyond: Your First Day, Building Relationships, Identifying Key Stakeholders and Planning Your Meetings, Your First Team Meeting, and, External Stakeholders and Analyzing the Data You've Collected
Additional information about internal hires
Summary of the 4 Outomes to Create a High-Performance Start in Your New Role

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The emotional intelligence of a leader filters through the entire team.
Becoming more aware of how your feelings are impacting your performance
Another word for social-awareness is empathy
Use your EQ to build relationships and networks
Using your EQ as a fuel to reach your goals
This is how to interpret the graphs in your personal report