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Are You Tubby or Obese?

Module 3, Lesson 3

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Are You Tubby or Obese?

So, what about you? Do you think you're just a little bit tubby and you could stand to drop a few kilos or maybe like, me you've been deluding yourself and you're actually obese and you need to stand to lose a lot of kilos or a lot of pounds.

Do you know how to measure if you're overweight or obese or not?

Well, there's two main ways that obesity is measured. The first is your BMI or your Body mass Index. And this is a popular measure. But it actually may not be the best measure of obesity. And there's three prime reasons for this. 

1. Doesn't account for body fat percentage or distribution

It doesn't account for body fat percentage or fat distribution. It doesn't take into account the person's body fat versus muscle.

2. Created from data from white Europeans

And it was created from data from white Europeans. So people like Asians and Polynesians, the results may be misleading.

BMI is measured by weight and kilograms divided by height in meters squared. So a couch potato and an elite athlete, both six feet tall and weighing 90 kilos have the same BMI, which is 26.

Classifying them both as overweight.

Probably an accurate indication for the couch potato, but not so much for the elite athlete.

Your waist is a better measure

So your waist to height ratio is a possibly a better measure than BMI. Measuring your waist circumference is a pretty good measure because it gives you an indication of whether you are at higher risk of metabolic complications. For things like Heart disease, Stroke,Type 2 diabetes, et cetera.

So what's the magic numbers?

Well, if a man's waist is 94 centimeters or more, and a woman's is 80 centimeters or more, they have an increased risk of metabolic complication. However, if those measurements jump up to 102 for males and 88 centimeters for females, your risk levels become significant.

So go grab your tape measure!

Now for a number of years, I've been overweight and I knew it. But here's the interesting thing, like many people, I didn't think of myself as obese. And guess what I had been deluding myself. Not only had I been deluding myself, the results of my life were a reflection of my weight.

The bigger I got, the more 

  • my health declined
  • business I lost or didn't get
  • duller my mind became
  • unhappier I was
  • difficult it was to move getting in and out of chairs, etc

But I kept saying to himself, it's okay because if I compare myself to, and I can name many of my friends, she's bigger than me. I'm not too bad. And that's a real problem!

Who you hang out with dictates your results. 

And the research is very, very clear on that. The people you hang out with dictate everything from your wealth to your weight. If you're hanging out with rich people, you've got a fairly high chance you're wealthy too.

If you hang out with people who are living an active lifestyle, good chance, you'll be active too. Couch potato friends, couch, potato you. So, if you're hanging out with overweight people, there's pretty high chance you're going to be overweight too.

So 2020 was a catalytic year for me: reading the "100 Year Life" and turning 60, and COVID all came together to inspire me to look deeply at my life and how it was unfolding. And I didn't like what I saw. So I decided to do something about it.

And I did a 90 day transformation. But you know what? My waist measurement was, and of today's writing, still is well above the best practice of 80 cms for females.

So since my 90 day transformation, I'm getting closer and closer and I'm working towards achieving that goal because now I understand why that 80 centimeters is such a great biomarker for how I can give myself my best shot to avoid all those yuckys, like heart disease, cancer, dementia, et cetera.

Your waist is a great biomarker for long-term health

What will you decide?

For the moment though, I want you to get honest with yourself because the next 40, 50, 60 years of your life are going to be impacted by the decisions you make today.

And I hope that I'm inspiring you to take charge of your life.

Look, those stats I shared with you earlier are pretty awful.

Take steps and take charge of your weight and life today!

And while weight discrimination is no doubt unreasonable and should not be accepted, you can take steps to take charge of your life and your weight. You're no doubt great at your job and have the necessary qualifications and energy levels to perform and be awesome in the workplace.

However, by taking a few steps to deal with those extra inches, you could be doing health, your career and your personal and professional success a huge favor.

So now I'm want to share some principles you want to be mindful of when you decide to get rid of the kilos that aren't serving you. Remember the warnings I shared at the start of this training.

Be careful you'll probably start to think "I disagree" and "I know that"

"I disagree", and "I know that!" What I'm about to share with you in the upcoming lessons, some may be new to you, but most of it's just common sense and you'll likely already "know that." But have you been putting it into action?

So don't cross your arms with an, I know that attitude, if you've got love handles, or even if you don't have love handles, stay with me through the next bit, because the information, particularly if you take action on it could be life-changing for you and maybe for someone you love as well.

As well, some of the info I'm going to share, might make you feel uncomfortable. So you could slip into the I disagree mode, or maybe even I don't like that mode.

Remember mindset and attitude are foundational to results. 

So sometimes you have to get a bit uncomfortable to break out of a comfort zone.

So the next question I'm about to ask you is probably going to offend some of you, but remember play full out to get different results.

In terms of your career, would you rather be fat or ugly?

So the question is which one would you rather be in terms of your career fat or ugly?

Well, it seems unattractive workers are viewed with sympathy, while fat people evoke bias. They've got no, self-control, they're lazy. The thinking is something along the lines of you can't control your ugly genes, but you can control how much you eat or exercise.

And that actually happens to be a flawed premise.

So, we're going to talk about genes in the next lesson. 

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