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Invest in Your Success

Here's something important. Being a high-performer, being a "Rockstar" isn't easy. If it were, then everyone would be doing it. 

If you want to be a rockstar in your organization, then you need to take the high-performing business owner mindset and attitude into everything you do.

I was working for a large multinational when I first learned this concept, (of thinking like a business-owner). It completely transformed how I approached life.

Before having a business-owner mindset, like many people, at some level, I had given over some power to the organization. That stopped immediately. I took back my full power and took complete responsibility for my business thriving, on every level ā€“ financially, emotionally, intellectually, professionally.

So, where do I believe you need to always be growing into your potential? 

Four Key Areas to Your Success

There are four key areas you need to make sure you have yourself at the leading edge:

  1. 1
    Your technical/professional capability
  2. 2
    Your business acumen
  3. 3
    Your social skills
  4. 4
    Your personal growth and mindset 

Once I decided I was a business owner, I resolved to invest in myself so that I could be at the forefront in my field and my life. I chose to go on my own learning and development journey. Since then, I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my growth.

Learning is great, but what is more compelling is when you apply the knowledge AND share it with others. When you're doing that, you know you're on the pathway of being an inspirational leader.

What's brilliant, is that today, we are probably overwhelmed with choices around personal development. From Ted Talks to millions of websites, e-books, audios, podcasts, ecourses etc. 

Because so much is available to us, you don't necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars, like I did each year. 

Without a doubt, there is nothing to replace a live event. Whether it is a face-to-face seminar or an online webinar. However, these can run to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So, if you are on a tight budget then using the free or lower-cost choices are viable options. 

But, I have to give you a word of warning. Ensure that you are turning to someone you can trust, someone who has a proven record.

Choose Your Mentors Wisely

Anyone can put up a website, and anyone can create a lot of hype around themselves. 

Make sure, that whomever you put your trust in, that what they are offering is backed up by solid research AND with solid experience on the ground. Not just something they learned in theory or are riding on the back of other people's experience.

Be open to what you learn from your mentors, whether they are one-on-one with you or a Ted Talk video, or a speaker at a workshop. But also be curious enough to test their theory/insight in 'your backyard' before you go hell-for-leather with full implementation.

 No Excuses

The second warning I want to share with you is this: Don't use the excuse of,  "I don't have time to develop myself." 

If you don't create the time, then be satisfied with what you've got in life! And don't blame anyone else but yourself if you become obsolete! And I don't care if you are in your 20s or your 50s ... each of these age groups has more than half their life in front of them (if life expectancy rates continue as they way they are going!)

I've had clients use the excuse, "I'm just too tired at the end of the day."

My response is, "Then lean against your bedroom door for 10 minutes, just before you fall into bed and read or watch something of value."


Jack Canfield

co-author chicken soup for the soul series

"If you spent just one hour per day reading books in your field and related fields, you would finish reading at least one book a week. Over 10 years, you would have read 520 books about your area of expertise ā€“ enough to put you in the top 1% of your field!

In the resources tab is a list of books we've written and training programs courses that we run. As well, there are books from other great people in the leadership and personal growth industry.

Set aside time to review your life  

I set aside at least one day a year to spend time reviewing my Inner Compass. Thinking about, are they still relevant, given the experiences I have had in the past several months? Pondering whether I need to upgrade, amend, delete any of my previous thinking?

As well, throughout the year, I regularly review my goals and metrics and think about how Iā€™m progressing against them. 

Because, if you aren't doing regular reviews you are drifting.

Do not Drift - YOU are better than that!

Don't drift into your middle years and wonder how the heck did I end up being THIS person? Your time here is limited. 

Now is the time to commit to living fully.

Time to Take Inspired Action

Download the Resources 

and Take Inspired Action

Download the document in the format you prefer. 

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