How To Bring Your Potential Into Reality

Dream It, Desire It, Believe It, Do It

Module 2, Lesson 1: Determine What You Really Want

Bring Your Potential Into Reality Course

Mindset and goal-setting techniques that inspire you to take action on your dreams.
Introduction to Bring Your Potential Into Reality
Determine what you really want, living a balanced life and know why you want it

After you have watched the video, make sure you complete the Take Inspired Action Activity

Determine What You Really Want

Now you've established a baseline, it is time to start some possibility thinking.

The ability to dream, and bring dreams into reality, is what separates us from other animals. Everything in this world began with someone dreaming, imagining, and visualizing. Of having a desire to make something better, easier, more enjoyable.

Turning possibilities... into potentialities... into realities.

200 years ago there were no cars, electricity, computers, DVD players, telephones.

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He had great dreams for its use. But never did he imagine such things as teleconferences with up to 1,000 people on the line at once.

Or, that people would send video images via their mobile phones. In his time, many ridiculed the concept of talking over wires. In the face of so many dream stealers (more on dream stealers later), it took considerable strength of character for him to pursue his dream.

To create that type of 'stickability' you must nurture big dreams.

Nurture Big Dreams

Because they provide you with the fuel, and the motivation, to have a huge zest for life

If you feel like you're drained of energy, dragging yourself through each day and week ... (and you're not sick), then you've either got small dreams or you've lost faith in your ability to manifest your dreams.

Big Potentiality is Within Reach of Everyone

Big Potentiality is within  reach of everyone. It has little to do with education and upbringing ... it is all about desire.

Some of the most successful people in the world had limited education or challenging upbringings.

People like: Henry Ford, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Ian Kiernan (Clean Up Australia). Their desire to make a dent was bigger than their challenges.

Use their stories to inspire you to tap into the potential within and around you.

YOU have the potential to live, love, and lead remarkably.

It doesn't mean that you are world famous, or saving the starving, or the environment (although it could). It may mean that you make your dent in the universe by bringing joy into the lives of every single person you touch.

For example, one of my role models has a goal for her daily walk. She wants to have brightened someone's day by the time she finishes her walk. So, as she walks along, with a massive smile on her face, and says good morning to every single person she passes, regardless of whether they look at her or not.

How about you? What does it take for you to live remarkably? A first stepping stone to living a fulfilling life is dreaming.

Dreams Are Critical. They Light Up Life

Dreams allow you to project years into the future without any limits. Imagine a genie arrives and says those magic words ... "Your wish is my command." What would you dream up for your life and the people you love?

Your Genie Is Here

To Grant Your Heart's Desire

No limitations

With this in mind, I am going to be your magic genie ... your wishes are my command. You can have as many wishes as you want - there is no limitation.

This is not a time to be "practical." Don't let your inner judge say to you, "Who do you think you are to think you can have that? You are being ridiculous."

As you complete this exercise, turn the mute button down on your inner judge. Imagine you've shined up that magical lantern. Let your creative juices flow. Later we'll jump into detail and get some practical action steps in place.

For now, you are just imagining what if. Be like Alexander Graham Bell, 'What if we could get people to speak across wires?'

Visualize Your Potentialities

Shortly you are going to complete a list called the 100 Potentialities. As you create this list I want you to think about:

  • What are the things you want to create?
  • The 'toys' and experiences you want to have?
  • The things you want to do?
  • The people you want to attract in your life?
  • The things you want to give?
  • The type of person you want to be?

Be as outrageous and extravagant as you want to. 

Open up your mind and your subconscious to possibilities and potentials. Go on dream big. Even if it doesn't become a reality in a short space of time, enjoy the process of dreaming ... just like you enjoy going to the movies. Be playful, have fun.

What do you want more of in your life?

What will help you to feel fully alive?

Why is it Called Potentialities?

Because that is all it is. These are the things you have the potential to be and do. Doesn't mean you'll do them all or that at some point in time what you've got on the list no longer excites you.

For example, when I first did this exercise, I had on my list a helicopter to get me to and from work. That now isn't so important to me. Because, I also had on my list that I would work from home 15-20 hours per week.

Now, keep in mind that when I did the exercise, I was a single parent in a busy corporate career, working 60-70 hour weeks. Trying to be Superwoman! Working from home seemed like the impossible dream.

Yet, here I am today, working from home. Working 15-20 hours per week. Getting to work with fabulous people like you, from around the globe either through the website, via the phone, Skype, webinar or face-to-face.

The impossible dream that is now a reality!

After completing the Potentialities Exercise, you may feel several emotions.

Hopefully excitement and a sense of hope. But you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed or uncertain. Please take to heart this saying by the great Chinese Philosopher:

At this point we are simply 'what-iffing' (is that a word??)

So chill, relax and enjoy.  Trust that the process will unfold perfectly.

  • Take Action

  • Resources

Take Inspired Action

I want you to come up with 100 things you'd love to do, have, be. Below in the resources your will find a document you can download to do this activity in. Or, you could b
rainstorm on a piece of paper/tablet, or into your journal, to start capturing your dreams.

House: What sort of house do you want to live in, where is it situated, what's the furniture like?

Work: What type of work, level of prestige, stress levels and accountability.

Relationships: Who are the people you want to be most intimate with? What are the quality of those relationships? how many friends do you want? What qualities and values do you want them to have?

Community: What do you want for your community?

$$$: How much money do you want to have? What income would you like? 

Wisdom: What do you want to learn? How do you want to express your innermost self?

Physical/Emotional Health: How do you want to feel consistently?

Travel: Where do you want to travel?

Personal/Spiritual Growth: What do you want to learn? How do you want to evolve? What do you want to do better? How do you want to connect with your inner wisdom?
Don't worry too much if you don't get to 100 in the first sitting. You can keep adding to your list over time.

Once completed, look at your list and circle your Top Five. The five that you feel most compelled by. That you are drawn to have as your highest priority.

Write your Top Five down and keep them close at hand as we'll be using them throughout the rest of the program.

Here are a few examples that some of my clients have shared with me:

  • Learn with spiritual and personal growth masters
  • Porsche Cayenne to tow my horse float
  • $20,000+ per month income
  • Travel first class to exotic destinations 3 times each year
  • Take my children to school and pick them up
  • Be in a loving relationship
  • Have close friends who live interesting and positive lives
  • Have multiple streams of residual income
  • Doing creative work that inspires me
  • Being a successful writer
  • Be a triathlete
  • Be in a team that is supportive and goal focused
  • Volunteer at the library
  • House on the beach
  • Own a dog
  • Finish the renovations at home
  • Having a loving relationship with my partner and my children
  • Be a comedian who inspires people
  • Practice archery for 2 hours each day

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Determine What You Really Want
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Give the audio a minute to load if you have slow internet.  Once completed Take Action

What's Coming in the Next Lesson

Reflect upon how well balanced your life is

Bring Your Potential Into Reality Course

Mindset and goal-setting techniques that inspire you to take action on your dreams.
Introduction to Bring Your Potential Into Reality
Determine what you really want, living a balanced life and know why you want it