How To Bring Your Potential Into Reality

Dream It, Desire It, Believe It, Do It

Module 1, Lesson 1: Introduction

Bring Your Potential Into Reality Course

Mindset and goal-setting techniques that inspire you to take action on your dreams.
Determine what you really want, living a balanced life and know why you want it

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Your Blueprint For Living Remarkably

It's Time for You to Shine

As you look back over your life, how successful have you been?

Have you accomplished as much as you would like? Stepped into as much of your potential as you could?

Are you ready to change your life significantly?

Are you ready to live, love, and lead remarkably?

Remarkable success can be played out on a world stage. We have wonderful role models such as Richard Branson, David Attenborough, Steve Irwin, Brene Brown, Majora Carter, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Angelou, Ed Sheeran. These people seem to live fully, both in the public arena and in their personal lives.

Similarly, remarkably successful people could be sitting next to you at work. Could be living up the road from you. Could be you!

Success is all about how well your life is flourishing on multiple levels. Success certainly doesn't mean your life will be perfect! However, when you look at the totality of your life it feels pretty darn good! 

Here's the key. Those men and women who live remarkably, do things differently from the majority. And there is plenty to learn from them.

It's been my life's mission to research, focus upon, delve into human potential and success. And, I'm sharing my discoveries so you can step into your potential.

In this program, you are going to .....

Discover What the Success Masters do Differently

We are going to help you think about what you'd like to achieve. Then share with you the mindset and tools of the world’s most successful people.

When you learn from them and put in place their strategies and mindset ... you'll transform your life.

Here are six steps that most Success Masters incorporate into their lives:

The Success Formula of Masters

  1. 1
    Determine what you really want
  2. 2
    Set specific goals
  3. 3
    Take inspired action
  4. 4
    Put yourself in places of potential
  5. 5
    Manage your time
  6. 6
    Calibrate, celebrate and goal set through

We are going to cover all six areas in this training.

Let the success process begin ...

The crucial first step, as you begin to map out your blueprint for success, is to make sure that you have a clear picture from where you are launching.

If you were going to come and visit my home and you asked directions, the first thing I'd say to you is, "Where are you leaving from?" Because it is no good me giving you directions for coming from the East, if you are leaving from the West!

Goal-setting is no different.

You need to have a clear idea of current reality and then get focused on where you want to go.

So that's where we are going to start.

Identify Current Reality

You change over time. So an understanding of yourself, from a couple of years ago, is likely to be only partially accurate now.

Some of the upcoming exercises you may have done in the past. That's okay.

You'll either simply be doing a maintenance check, or you may find that you are re-calibrating.

Your first exercise is to complete the Life Balance Wheels.

Wheels of Satisfaction

These wheels help you to take a snapshot of how satisfied you are with the Key Success Areas of your life. The wheel is divided into 8 segments. In the wheel below you can see some ideas for areas you might like to rate.

Feel free to add/change segments as you wish, to reflect what is important to you. For example, you may want to divide relationships into several different segments. Your relationships with partner might be great, but not so much your family.

Regard the centre of the wheel as 0 (extremely dis-satisfied) and the outer edge as 10 (extremely satisfied). Rank your level of satisfaction with each life area by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge (see example). The new perimeter of the circle represents the Wheel of Life.

Here's an important distinction. This is not a request to draw the number of resources you are committing to each segment. You should rate your current fulfilment with your life in that arena. You may, for example, spend only 30 minutes each week on personal growth pursuits. However, that may be precisely the amount of time you wish to spend, and your satisfaction level might be a 9 or a 10.

The model below demonstrates what a completed wheel may look like. If we took the round line away, how bumpy would the ride be if it were a real wheel?

Now that you have a bit of insight into your satisfaction in the various aspects of your life let's take it to a deeper level.

In the Resources area you can download a blank template of these wheels

Identify What You Want/Don't Want Exercise

Most of this program will focus upon what you do want. However, looking at what you don't want/like in your life can be a good kicking off point.

We often know immediately what we don't want, but sometimes have a harder time defining what we do want. For example, at your favorite restaurant you see "Liver" on the menu. You might immediately think, "Definitely not having that!" Then, as you peruse the chicken, seafood, and meat dishes, you might debate backward and forward between what you do want.

We are going to use the same principle to think about each of your Key Success Areas.

In the resources area there is a template you can use to complete this exercise

Identify Reality, but Give More Attention to Where You are Going

The key to success is, once you identify what you don't want, that you then - give more of your attention to what you do want.

Unfortunately, most people stay focused on the 'what they don’t want.' 

Think about this. If you decide to build a table and all you think about, research, and speak about is chairs, you are going to struggle to build a decent table.

You must focus on what you want to build, not on what you don't want to build.

Mindset Shift

Give more of your attention and focus to where you want to go than to where you are

As an example, friends of mine are making the Grey Nomad journey around Australia for the next 3-4 years. When they first had this dream, there were lots of barriers in their way. There were many people telling them that with their health and financial issues, it was unwise to be taking on this big trip. And they could have focused on that.

But they kept focused on their dream. They undeniably didn't focus on how to retire quietly!

Over the past few years they have pretty much followed the goal-setting roadmap:

Set Long Term Goals: Decide where you are going and what you want to achieve

Set Short Term Goals: Decide far you'll travel today to get to the next destination 

Calibrate: Review how close you are keeping to your timetable 

Contingency Plans: Be prepared to use alternative routes if problems occur 

Celebrate: Make sure you have fun along the way and celebrate your successes

In that first year, they decided where they'd like to be for Xmas (long-term goal). Then they mapped out various stops along the way. They had a few destinations that they wanted to arrive at by particular dates to experience festivals etc. (short-term goals). 

Each day they'd decide where they wanted to get to and what experiences they'd like to have along the way (daily goals).

They've kept track with where they are at, and where they are going to make sure that they are going to hit each of the festivals they want. As well as making sure they going to make it to their chosen Xmas destination to catch up with family and friends (calibrate).

As they've been traveling, they've met up with people who’ve told them about places that were 'must-visits' but hadn't made it to travel brochures. They hit floods, breakages to their caravan, and destinations that weren't what they'd expected. Which they meant they had to detour along the way (contingency).

And they've clearly been celebrating. Regular Facebook posts describe the joy they are experiencing.

In the next unit we are going to determine what you really want. Making sure that you aren't 'shoulding' on yourself.

  • Take Action

  • Resources

Time to Take Inspired Action

In the Resources tab above, download the Wheels and do the following:

Mark how satisfied you are with the various areas in your life on the wheels in the resources. Remember change the segments to make them meaningful to you.

Once you've completed your current day reflections, take a different color and cast your mind back five years. Now, rate how your wheel may have looked then. What's different? Why?

Take a third color and cast your mind forward five years. How would you like it to look? Write a couple of sentences that describe how you will be living then.

Once completed, ask yourself:

1. What if anything, do I want to change?

2. What has stopped me from giving focus to this area before?

3. How can I make changes, without putting pressure on myself?

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Bring Your Potential Into Reality Course

Mindset and goal-setting techniques that inspire you to take action on your dreams.
Determine what you really want, living a balanced life and know why you want it