Group Sessions Format/Timings

Please let me know the format/timings you prefer for the group sessions. As mentioned on the call today, you will have online learning (generally about 1-2 hours per month). Then we have a couple of options available to us as to how we do the face-to-face group sessions.

The group sessions will start at 2.30 pm.

No matter the format the group sessions will consist of Skills Practices and Group Discussions (there are some discussions I will get you to have about whether some of what you are learning can be applied at Teledyne given the culture). 

Your options are 

1) One group session of two hours -  in the final week of the month (December may see us do something different)


2) Two group sessions of one hour each. Held on the second and fourth week of the month. Using this format means, that on the second week, we will focus on group discussions about what/how we can apply what we've been learning (both now and from Scale Up). Then on the fourth week we will focus on Skills Practice of what you have learned online during the month.