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90-day bootcamp for leaders who want to become 'rockstars' in their industry
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Feed the three hungers of life by building your Inner Compass Framework
Your mindset, attitude, comfort zones and habits can either work exceptionally well for you. Or exceptionally well against you.
This module is filled with tips and tactics you'll be able to use immediately to build Believing in your team (even if you are working in a pretty dismal environment).
When an individual feels they are wanted and valued and when their participation in a group means a lot to them, they begin to focus on the group's needs as much as their own.
Discover how to use the bright spots technique and when to coach up or coach out
In this module you'll start to look at your relationships (both personal and professional) and what you can do to improve them.
You can be the type of leader that consistently gets the best out of people, or you can be the type of leader that consistently gets the worst!
If you are sick to death of chasing your tail, trying desperately to stamp out all the bushfires that surround you, then you're going to love this module.
Every organization is perfectly designed to get the results it gets! Unfortunately, most leaders don't use a deliberate design process to get exceptional results.
The techniques in this module are liquid gold. You'll discover three very easy ways to ensure that every interaction you have throughout the day ends up being constructive and worthwhile.
Business acumen is the key to delivering results that the business not only needs, but must have to thrive
Time to celebrate your progress and plan the next few months of your transformation