Starting Your Ideal Leadership Role

Strategies To Fast-Track Your Impact

Module 1, Lesson 1

What is your personal brand: Identifying your brand, decision-making principles, non-negotiables, and avoid derailing your career
Pre-Paving a Successful First Day: Creating a Vision For Your First Year, Keeping Your Focus Tight, Make Your Vision Come Alive, Start Building Relationships
The First Day and Beyond: Your First Day, Building Relationships, Identifying Key Stakeholders and Planning Your Meetings, Your First Team Meeting, and, External Stakeholders and Analyzing the Data You've Collected
Additional information about internal hires
Summary of the 4 Outomes to Create a High-Performance Start in Your New Role

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Congratulations, You've Landed Your Ideal Leadership Role

You’ll possibly never be in more of a state of confusion, excitement, learning, anxiety and, hope as you are when you first start a new role. This program aims to give you the edge.

Especially in organizations whose ‘fall-to’ position is the induction process. Getting the paperwork out of the way to make sure you get paid. Introducing you to a few people. Giving you a computer, a phone, a list of jobs/projects to do, then pretty much 
GAAFOFY ... Go Away And Find Out For Yourself.

Yes, having those basics of induction will get you going. However, they won’t ensure that you shine.

If you find yourself in a GAAFOFY organization, then in this program, you’ll discover a process that enables you to demonstrate that you are…

  • A leading-edge person
  • A leading-edge thinker
  • Someone who has clarity of purpose
  • Someone who is an exceptional influencer
  • Someone who lives, loves and leads remarkably!

I aim to help you to step forward confidently. Easily and quickly shining a light on why you were the ‘chosen one’.

This program has been designed from the perspective of you starting a new role. However, you could use the tips and ideas to help any new starter in your team to get up to speed fast. Helping them to feel that they have joined the right team and the right leader!

Introducing You to the 4Bs of High Performance

Starting a new role is a prime opportunity to engage an individual's heart and their mind. Regardless of whether it is you or someone else starting in a new role there are four key elements (The Four B’s) your organization should address. The Four B’s are:

Believing: Inspiring a positive attitude that makes people proud of and believe in their role they are performing, the team, the organization

Belonging: Promoting a sense welcome that helps people feel they fit in and this community values their contributions

Behaving: Providing clarity on the behaviors needed to succeed in their role and the organization

Bottom-line: Providing the tools, resources and context to help people deliver meaningful results fast

Many organization’s try to short-circuit the process and focus on the B of bottom-line. Unfortunately, that produces less than desirable results. High-performance can only be driven through the other 3 B’s.

If you want the two-page version of this training, then go to the summary module. It provides you with a list of the outcomes you should achieve, using the 4B framework, during your first few months. However, taking the shortcut and just using the summary would be a mistake if you are a high-performance leader!

Mindset Shift

As a high-performance individual, I take responsibility for managing my learning and stacking the odds in my favor.

You do this by using the Four Bs framework in conjunction with the exercises and mindset shifts presented in this training. Most importantly, you do that over an extended period.

Not only will it set you up for success in this role, but it will set you up for success in future roles. Also it will ensure you are remarkable at onboarding your team members. Resulting in less churn and higher-performing individuals.

Very few organizations have onboarding programs that last much beyond the first 2-3 weeks. However, as you can see, you should consider onboarding to last up to 12 months.

If you are taking your leadership career and your success in this role seriously, then take the high-performance path by planning and implementing your own 12-month onboarding program. Go to the resources section for a checklist of the activities you should complete at each of these milestones.

While you’ve now landed your ideal leadership role, how are you are going to present yourself to your new work colleagues? What will be the magic that your leadership will bring?

Before Day 1, spending time to either develop or reaffirm your personal brand and your vision is pivotal. So that’s where we start…

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