Starting Your Ideal Leadership Role

Strategies To Fast-Track Your Impact

Module 2, Lesson 1

What is your personal brand: Identifying your brand, decision-making principles, non-negotiables, and avoid derailing your career
Pre-Paving a Successful First Day: Creating a Vision For Your First Year, Keeping Your Focus Tight, Make Your Vision Come Alive, Start Building Relationships
The First Day and Beyond: Your First Day, Building Relationships, Identifying Key Stakeholders and Planning Your Meetings, Your First Team Meeting, and, External Stakeholders and Analyzing the Data You've Collected
Additional information about internal hires
Summary of the 4 Outomes to Create a High-Performance Start in Your New Role
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Send a Clear Message

Clarity around your personal brand promise, helps you build a reputation as a person who knows where you are going and how you are going to get there. And that can be reassuring to the people around you. They’ll know where they stand and what you expect of them.

In an ideal world, you would have documented your Personal Brand, even before you interview for a role. However, even if you’ve already accepted a position, you’ll find it extremely useful to get the clarity of thinking and purpose that come from completing these exercises. This way you’ll send a clear message to the people around you about what they can expect from your leadership.

Long before you step through the door on Day 1, you must consider your personal brand

First Impressions DO Matter

From the day you accept the role, people will be watching to try to understand what you stand for, where you focus, and most crucially (to them) how it will impact on them. Rest assured, even if it is a promotion from within you’ll still be under scrutiny. Often the scrutiny can be even more intense!

Make sure that you are very clear in your mind and very intentional in your actions about the impact you want to have (short and long-term) and what you need to do to achieve that impact.

What is the Brand Promise that Your Leadership Brings?

Often, we think of brands in terms of organizations ...

Most of us could describe what these brands stand for and the reputation they have.

The same is true for individuals ... each of these women have a very strong brand. You have a sense of their values, where they focus and the way in which they want to have an impact on the world.

The upcoming exercises are designed to get you thinking about your personal brand.

How you lead and inspire those around you.

Once you’ve completed the exercises, you will have a one page Brand Profile, that enables you to clearly express to others what they can expect from you and your leadership.

A word of warning. Be careful about being aspirational. You could be inclined to describe how you would like your brand to be, rather than how you actually show up.

Unless you are 100% committed to being the person you describe in the upcoming exercises, be mindful that your behaviors will give the lie to what you say. So, straight away your credibility will go out the door.

Being aspirational is great. Particularly if you are working toward a high-performance leadership style. However, own where you are and be upfront with people.

If you want to shift from a, “I make all the decisions, and you do as you are told” style of leadership to something more collaborative, don’t use this fresh start to say that you are a collaborative leader.

Instead be open and say something like, “I’m taking the opportunity in this new role to be more collaborative, so I’ll need you to work with me and let me know when I’m not walking my talk.”

You must place as much importance on having clarity around your brand as the big players do

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