Congrats you'll soon have your hands on your personal Insights to Success Trimetrix Profile

Now that I've received your payment, I'll order your personal profile link from my supplier. Generally they provide me with your link within a few hours. However, depending upon the time of day that you purchase, this may take more than 12 hours (non business days, you will receive your link on the next business day (here in Queensland Australia). So please don't panic if you don't hear from me immediately.

A word of warning:

40 million people have completed this profile - which means the algorithm is very strong. Generally if someone gets the 'wrong' report it is because they:

  • Answered emails, took phone calls, distracted by kids/partners
  • Tried to think what their boss wanted
  • Or like someone once said to me, "I wanted to be inspirational" - Clearly he got the WRONG report

So, to get an accurate report, be as honest and self-aware as you can.

When I send you your personal profile link, please DO NOT click on the link until the following is true:

1. You have 20-30 minutes free

2. You have no distractions (phones off, emails off, kids off :)) If you get distracted during the completion, one of two things happens.     

  a)  Either you will be timed out by the system, or

  b)  More crucially, your results will be skewed.

3. You have a strong internet connection

4. It is better if you complete your profile on a laptop or desktop. You can certainly do it on a mobile device, but the experience isn't as good.

Once your profile is completed, we will then set up a time for us to get together online to debrief your results.